Stay Tuned for our Announcement of the 9th Annual Retreat

Pro and aspiring songwriters: Escape your daily distractions and immerse yourself with an extra long weekend dedicated to the inspiration and
craft of songwriting, guided by some of the most talented & dedicated songwriters in the business. Call or email if you have any questions!
Better Songwriting, Better Performance, Inspired Music, Good Times, & LOTS of writing 
What Our Attendees Say:

"This was a powerful experience for me. I went into the retreat with a heart full of doubt. Would I fit in? Did I have the skills needed to be accepted by the group? Within moments of arriving, I felt I belonged. I found 13 new friends and a supportive community of songwriters. I learned a lot, ate a lot, laughed a lot, and made connections with people that have lasted beyond the scope of the retreat. I am looking forward to going back next year! Thank you for everything!"

- M. Sheaffer, Virginia

“The opportunity to spend four days with a group of folks who appreciate the craft of songwriting and value the opportunity of sharing our humanity through song, particularly after the last two Covid years, was like being resurrected. The warm presence and expertise of our 4 hosts were inspirational, the food fabulous, the company exceptional, and the 42-cup coffee pot refilled as needed throughout the day.  I look forward to the opportunity to do it again!” 

J. Eisler - Mississippi

"I love these retreats- been doing them for almost 10 years. I get to hang out with old friends and meet new ones. I always get something out of these interactions. The music has brought us together, and then we become friends for life. You and Scott are the best—When did you say the next one was???"

- T. Breck - Delaware


"Thanks for all of it; the retreat, your music, and friendship. After last year's retreat, I decided to work on my songwriting throughout the year. This year I've decided to work on a songwriting career."

P. Kronowit - California


"I can't even explain how wonderful of a time I had, and how each and every one of you made this "newbie" feel like an old friend so quickly. I am reborn in my music. The tools that everyone shared will be put to good use."

Phil Epstein - NJ


"Wow! This year’s retreat was the best yet. So nice to see Scott and Jen back teaching. This is just a special time for me. The collaborations were great this year, food amazing, BUGS were even good. Hanging around amazing people in an amazing place how can it not feed your soul?"

C. Brooks - Escanaba, MI (WUP)


"It was wonderful to feel so welcomed in, and most definitely looking forward to getting together again. Inspiration abounds!"

C. Parsa - Maryland


"What an amazing experience with absolutely amazing people. So grateful for every single one of you."

C McDowell - Duluth, GA


I keep hoping that Webster's would invent better superlatives, because the many I know already are not up to the task of describing my delight in being with all of you again this year, and making new friends to boot. You each have blessed my songwriting journey with a special "I get it, Dude".
R Klein - Texas


"What a unique and fulfilling experience, Thanks Scott and Jen for sharing your gifts so generously."

A. Deitz - Maryland

Our location 2022 is in Middletown, MD, just under one hour from BWI airport and minutes from the town of Frederick, MD. Our target group for 2022 is 14 guests. Beds are first come, first serve, and there are B&Bs and hotels nearby. 

Our 2022 Songwriter Hosts

Jen and Scott Smith (Naked Blue)
We have made our living writing songs, performing, and recording since 1991. Seven CDs and contributions to hundreds more, performances in 7 countries, and a whole bunch of songs have added up to an all-around good time for over 20 years.


We are incredibly lucky for the opportunity to work with wonderfully talented people and to survive doing what we love the most. We are excited to bring people together for these 'songwriting parties' and are consistently amazed by the music and the continuing relationships that are created at each session. Can't wait to see old friends and meet new ones!



Jennifer Daniels and Jeff Neal

Come share the creative process! Jenn and Jeff facilitate super-charged, laughter-filled songwriting events, such as workshops for venues like the Pat Conroy Literary Center, and their own week-long initiative Songwriting IS Writing!



Writer of the Year.jpeg

Jennifer Daniels and Jeff Neal, a married folk/rock duo out of Lookout Mountain, Georgia, have enjoyed a creative career that spans twenty-five years. In that time, they've released nine music albums, a picture book, a romantic mystery novel, and two human children into the world (boy/girl twins who become teens this year!).