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Songwriting Workshop Series

@ Stages Music Arts 
Julian S. Smith Performance Hall
10 Stenersen Lane, Cockeysville, MD, United States

Scott & I have had many requests for shorter, one-day workshop gatherings since we started our 5-day songwriting retreat in 2013.


We are finally delivering! We've partnered with a beautiful music facility, Stages Music Arts for 4 - 4hour sessions. Here's the schedule. Class size is limited, so sign up sooner than later!

Show, Don't Tell
Humans are storytellers. Our default is to communicate directly. Bending this approach can be one of the toughest hurdles, but it can be the difference between mediocre and great lyrics. 

July 9 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm - $100 

Summer Songwriting Series 1 of 4: Show, Don’t Tell

Deconstructing a Hit
We'll reveal the architecture of a hit song. Once we understand precisely why a song is appealing (to the masses, anyway) we can use those same elements to add appeal to our own songs. 

July 23 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm - $100 

Summer Songwriting Series 2 of 4: Deconstructing a Hit

Song Critique Session
Bring your best song to perform for the group and find out what is great about it and what might be improved. 

August 6 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm - $100 

Summer Songwriting Series 3 of 4: Song Critique Session


Enhance Your Performance, Enhance Your Song 

The final test of a song is in its performance. Often we don't find out until we're recording in the studio that we've written ourselves into a corner, vocally or instrumentally. The last workshop will focus on the final re-writes and adjustments to dovetail a great song with an outstanding performance.


August 20 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm - $100 

Summer Songwriting Series 4 of 4: Enhance Your Performance, Enhance Your Song


Vocal Workshop
& Master Class

with Pete Strobl

Sunday, April 30, 2023
1pm - 5pm

49 West Coffeehouse & Wine Bar (back room)

49 West Street, Annapolis, MD



Venmo $100 to Pete Strobl at

to guarantee your spot.

If you prefer you may pay at the workshop: $100 (cash or check) but attendance is not guaranteed.

Questions? Text or call Jen Smith @ 410-882-1606

Almost All You Need To Know About Modern Singing (And Why)


1. A Brief Overview Of The Mechanics And Architecture Of The Vocal Instrument

    Strobl’s Positions regarding:

  • The Bernoulli Effect as it pertains to phonation or creating sound.

  • The Elusive Vibrato and the foolish attempts at hunting it down.

  • The Doppler Effect as it may pertains to the natural and unique vibrato in every well-trained voice.


2. Breath Control 

    Eliminating the confusion wrought by singing teachers since biblical times.

  • Why Do We Breathe?

  • How Do We Breathe?

  • When Do We Breathe?


3. Vowels and Consonants

    A brief overview of the elements of language

  • Pitch versus Noise - What is a Vowel, really?

  • Taking advantage of “Voiced Consonants” 


4. Questions and with any luck at all, Some Answers


5. Master Class Entitled “Bring Me Your Crappiest Song”


No one goes to the Doctor when they feel great. This Masters Class will not be a forum for singers to show off a favorite crowd-pleaser and collect compliments, or for accomplished Pros to intimidate the less experienced with smug vocal pyrotechnics. We will listen to each other sing a verse, a chorus, or any part of a song that gives us the kind of grief that makes us dread the sight of the song title on the setlist. Then we will make recommendations on how to beat that song into submission using elements of the knowledge and techniques discussed in the first part of this workshop.


We are all in this together. Be confident and don’t try to hide the weaknesses we are here to address.


Anyone not having fun will be required to do push-ups.

"Pete taught me everything I needed to know about developing and maintaining my singing voice and I couldn't be more thankful."

- Wolfgang Van Halen 

I had been singing for well over 20 years when I first had a session with Pete.  I wish I had met him much earlier.   It would have saved me countless nights of struggling through a set due to blown-out vocal cords.  He told me what I was doing right, what I was doing wrong, and best of all, he did so with a great sense of humor.  Pete’s knowledge of all genres of music is astounding, and he’s able to explain things in a manner that seems accessible to even a knucklehead like myself.  Getting critiqued and pushed can be an uncomfortable experience, but it has been worth every moment. 

- Neil Fallon, Clutch

"I've spent the last 20 years as an internationally touring vocalist and the lessons I've had with Pete are priceless. If your instrument is your voice and you want to keep it strong and consistent, there's no better teacher than Strobl. He's also very fucking funny. That never hurts."

- Nate Bergman

“The totally cool and laid-back nature of Pete Strobl’s vocal training only enhances the individualized care he gives to every student. Whether you’re a veteran performer, like myself, or just starting in your craft as a vocalist, like my two teenage daughters… Pete has the patience, skill, and knowledge to bring out the very best in your specific voice. This man knows his craft and guides you into reaching your highest potential as a singer.” 

- Melina Kanakaredes - Singer, Actor, Writer, Producer

ABOUT PETE: Vocal technician and producer Pete Strobl’s extensive understanding of the voice and his blue-collar approach to the development of singing technique is the result of an eclectic and wide-ranging career as a performer, musical director and educator. From the Concentus Musicus in Vienna under Nikolaus Harnoncourt to the concert stage as musical director and bassist for Gary Puckett, Pete has taken advantage of every opportunity to observe real singers dealing with real-world situations. 

Pete left the road to settle in Malibu as resident musician, instrument repair tech and studio manager at the legendary Shangri La Studio which he helped transform into the resonant boutique recording studio that hosted productions by Joe Walsh, Chaka Khan, Tom Jones, Keb’ Mo’ and Mark Knopfler. Here Pete had the opportunity to work with producers like Chuck Ainlay, Lou Adler, John Porter, Ethan Johns, John Hanlon, Val Garay and Ron Hitchcock. 

Originally from Salzburg, Austria, Pete returned to Europe to produce albums in Salzburg, Vienna and Holland. Pete has worked with both Wolfgang and Eddie Van Halen since the 2007 Van Halen tour. His work with Van Halen continued in preparation for the album A Different Kind of Truth. Pete continued coaching Wolfgang through the release of his debut solo album as well as his tour in support of Guns n’ Roses.

Having given workshops to private groups, performing arts schools and professional organizations from Los Angeles to the prestigious Mozarteum in Salzburg, Pete has settled in the Baltimore area where he teaches and records at The Attic Underground.


Thanks for registering for our event. See you there!

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