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The Wood and Stone Retreat is a wonderful 'music-centric' opportunity to get away from it all and do some intensive work on your craft & skills with some of the finest and most committed musicians in the business.


Our Songwriting Retreat happens in surprising places. Our goal is to find new and inspiring locations each year. We're also involved in other workshop events throughout the year, so 

sign up on the mailing list if you'd like us to keep you posted on happenings.

The Wood and Stone Room is our recording studio in Baltimore, MD, and it's become a great community of internationally touring songwriters, award-winning regional & local artists as well as aspiring songwriters. We are constantly learning new things from the talented musicians that we are so lucky to work with.

Scott & Jen Smith 

We have made our living writing songs, performing, and recording since 1991. Seven CDs and contributions to hundreds more, performances in 7 countries, and a whole bunch of songs have added up to an all-around good time for over 30 years. We are incredibly lucky for the opportunity to work with wonderfully talented people and to survive doing what we love the most. We are excited to bring people together for these 'songwriting parties' and are consistently amazed and the music and the continuing relationships that get built at each session. Can't wait to see old friends and meet new ones!

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